Our Business

Keep going one step ahead as a trading company

Blue Trade is a trading company offering high-technology business, natural resources business, and marketing business.

In high-technology business and natural resources business, Blue Trade provides environmentally friendly products to create a more convenient society using our global network.

In addition, Blue Trade aims to build long term relationships with our clients by not only distributing products but also adding high value for products through product planning, branding, marketing, and so on.

Blue Trade marketing business supports management innovation, from cost reduction to increasing sales. Blue Trade consultants have a wealth of marketing experience, and offer customized consulting services suited for each client’s needs.

Blue Trade makes its impact on the world through these businesses.
Blue Trade works every day with the aim of creating a more convenient and environmentally friendly society.
Blue Trade will continue to strive toward the development of new technologies and new businesses.

High-technology business

  • Plasma machines

    It is a machine that uses cutting-edge plasma technology. It has functions with such as coating, etching, cleaning, and activation. Its core technology is its coating. Plasma coating enables any material to have water repellent or hydrophilic functions at the ultra-thin nano level. Furthermore, with this coating technology, nano-scaled functions can be applied even to the core of complex-shaped materials and products, not only to the surface. (Patented technology)

Natural resources business

  • Biomass energy

    With the recent increase in the construction of biomass generators and the increased use of biomass in biomass-coal co-combustion (to reduce CO2 emissions), the demand for woody biomass fuel in Japan is growing each year. As a result, the increased price of wood materials is inevitable. There is also the concern of Japan’s mountains becoming stripped bare in the harvest for wood.
    In order to avoid these issues, our company uses independent sourcing from Asia in order to meet our customers’ needs and provide high-quality biomass fuel at a low price.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Marketing Business

  • Marketing services

    As a business supporting management innovation of companies, Blue Trade support its clients in strengthening their marketing. In the area of marketing consulting, Blue Trade suggests necessary total marketing strategies for their clients’ management innovation, such as market research and business strategies, business and product development, advertising and sales channel strategies, branding, and the 4Ps of Marketing.
    In addition, Blue Trade also offers Execution Services (total support for implementation).