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Biomass energy

There is not enough woody biomass fuel in Japan

In Japan, there has been a surge in the construction of biomass generators in recent years, prompted by an increased awareness of energy due to the nuclear incident, the FIT proposals of July 2012, and regional vitalization in the form of job creation and forest maintenance promotion through the use of resources such as thinned wood. As such, there are an increasing number of generators that safeguard their fuel supply by using a combination of both domestic and imported fuels. It’s usual for generator fuel procurement to be done through import trading companies such as Blue Trade. We provide woody biomass fuel at a low price by maintaining a small elite workforce, keeping our operating costs such as rent low, and keeping our sales volume high. We offer high-quality woody biomass fuel and thorough after-care services at a reasonable price. This is where we have an advantage over major trading companies, and this is why we have been able to increase our sales successes at such a rapid pace. We want to support the long-term operation of woody biomass generators.

What imported fuels do you offer?

Currently, we offer wood pellets and PKS etc.
The wood pellets we provide are made from waste materials from furniture manufacturing processes. All of our fuels are made from resources which would otherwise be disposed of, making them environmentally friendly. We offer a one-stop solution for biomass fuel needs from Southeast Asia to the generator.
Woody biomass fuel suppliers can contact us using our inquiry form to discuss business opportunities.

Sustainability initiatives

Climate change caused by global warming and its effects are being felt all over the world. If things continue on in this way, will we be going forward into a future with abundant nature, or will the environment be destroyed? Blue Trade takes environmental issues extremely seriously, and is taking initiatives to resolve these problems through our business. We carry out sustainable activities to reduce the burden on the global environment and ecosystems, and promote sustainable business practices that use energy and resources in an efficient manner. Our support for the provision of fuel for biomass generators is one aspect of this.
Blue Trade contributes to the creation of a sustainable society that allows people to enjoy a more abundant natural environment and happier lifestyles.