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Marketing services

What is marketing support?

Sales don’t increase despite having a strong product.
No matter how much is spent on promotion, there doesn’t seem to be any results.
Many manufacturers and distributors face issues like these relating to their marketing strategy.
The invention of new products cannot bring better business if a company does not know how to sell the product effectively, even if it is a fantastic product. That is why companies require excellent support for their sales strategy.
The fact that every business needs a different sales strategy in order to be effective makes the situation harder. However, only one effective sales channel will lead to the success of a business.
Blue Trade supports clients’ business innovation with marketing strategies that are essential for successful. More specifically, Blue Trade offers marketing consulting services, such as market research and strategic planning, as well as execution services to support implementation of the entire process. Blue Trade contributes to significant sales increases by working together with client companies.

Marketing Consulting Services

Blue Trade offers a variety of consulting services related to marketing strategy.
Blue Trade is committed to increasing sales for their clients through all-round consulting services, such as the development of business and products, market research, business strategy, advertising, sales channels, the 4P, and so on.

Execution Services

This is a total support service for clients, from marketing strategy planning to marketing activities. Blue Trade will accompany your firm in sales activities and meetings, as well as play a role as an agent for market expansion or sales activities.