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Plasma machines

What is a plasma machine?

It is a machine that uses cutting-edge plasma technology.
It has functions such as coating, etching, cleaning, and activation.
Its core technology is coating. Plasma coating enables any material to have water repellent or hydrophilic function in ultra thin this as nano level.
In addition, even the core of products featuring complex 3D shapes are able to be coated evenly. (Patented technology)
Our clients are highly satisfied with this environmentally friendly machine that doesn’t use any water.
Plasma processing machines contribute to the manufacture of higher value products by raising the quality and efficiency of current products and manufacturing processes.
The introduction of plasma processing machines has accelerated rapidly in various industries such as apparel, medical, precision equipment, automotive, and so on, led by top companies around the world.

Innovative plasma coating

Case studies

  • Textiles
  • Shoes
  • Electronic devices
    (such as smartphones and headphones)
  • Car Parts
  • Filters
  • Medical devices
  • etc

* In recent years, plasma coating technology has been introduced in various fields. Their use has been increasing rapidly.