Corporate Profile

Message from CEO & Founder

Yohei Miyazaki

Blue Trade Inc. CEO & Founder


Uncertainty in the world economy has been growing more than ever before due to the growth slowdown in China and other emerging countries, a decrease in resource prices, turmoil in the Middle East, and the increased threat of terrorism.

Although the environment around us is getting harsher and harsher, Blue Trade’s operations are growing steadily.

Blue Trade is proud that our success for large scale projects under such an environment is simply because Blue Trade has an ability of judgement to choose the most advanced products, as well as provide high customer value through the effective combination of various elements such as planning and marketing strategies to stay one step ahead of the times as a trading company.
In addition, we believe this is the mission and the corporate value of Blue Trade.

Under the aim of creating a more convenient, environmentally-friendly society, Blue Trade continues to strive toward contributing to global development by resolving various challenges for Japan and the world, as well as providing products to meet exactly the needs of the times.