Corporate Profile

Origin of Company name

Blue is a color associated with harmony, honesty, trust, open spaces, limitlessness, and imagination.
Additionally, survey results have shown that the color dark blue is most associated with intelligence and knowledge.

Blue Trade is named after our wish to promote our business all over the world, expressing the positive feeling of the color blue, such as trust, limitlessness, open spaces (the entire world), and intelligence.

Corporate Philosophy

Blue Trade aims to create a more convenient, environmentally-friendly society.

Corporate Vision

Blue Trade provides high value to clients, as well as innovating clients’ future.


- Blue Trade meets clients’ needs sincerely, quickly, and reliably to obtain trust of the society.
- Blue Trade continues to strive toward new business using its global networks.
- Blue Trade creates our business on the widest scale.
- Blue Trade pursues environmentally-friendly business to enrich the future of the world.
- Blue Trade resolves any problems with logical and flexible thinking and action.