Business opportunities

Blue Trade will change the future through business ~ To the fields that will have an impact on the world ~


Blue Trade is changing the world through business.

Blue Trade is a trading company providing mainly high tech and natural resources business products to major companies.

Although it is a new company, Blue Trade has been achieving positive results steadily with its innovative products and excellent marketing strategy, along with a strong global network.

Blue Trade works with huge business scales and impacts on the world. A career at Blue Trade is meaningful and fulfilling, as its business is environmentally friendly and strives to enrich the future of the world.

Blue Trade believes that our mission is to provide clients with more value than their expectations, innovate with clients for their future, and that its corporate value lies in achievement of these missions.

Blue Trade is seeking excellent agents who wish to strive toward the achievement of these dreams.

We hope you will join our exciting and attractive business.

We are hoping to work with you soon.

With best wishes for success of a project that will write your name in history.

Sales Agents Required

Required role Sales Agent
Job description Plasma machines sales
Wood biomass sales
Sales agents will contribute to the business expansion of major companies by suggesting solutions or ideas for their product development.
Employment status Subcontract
Required qualifications Undergraduate or postgraduate degree required. Relevant work experience required.
Entry requirements Successful corporate sales experience for a minimum of three years
Ability to communicate in English
Ideal sales agents Blue Trade is seeking A go-getter with passion
A logical thinker
An independent person
A positive person who aims high
A flexible person who is capable to capture and meet global trends quickly.
A reliable, honest, prompt, responsible person
Sales commission Fee contingent upon success
Work location Anyplace in the world. First, please contact us
How to apply Please send your English CV (with your ID photo) to by email. Successful candidates will be contacted.